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First Impressions Make A Difference

Posted August 27, 2015 by & filed under Email Marketing

One of the key factors to establishing effective communication with your audience hinges on your welcome email. If your audience is not engaging with your initial email and doesn’t find value in it, they are not likely to open your following touch points – and worse, could opt out of future communications. There are many lists of best practices for email optimization. However, this article points specifically to how you can optimize this very first and critical communication: The Welcome Email Touch Point. In “11 Ways to Optimize Your Welcome Email for New Subscribers” on business.com there are many strong points which we have also covered in past webinars.

We especially want to highlight 2 tips as we find them increasingly relevant:

Number 9: Make it Mobile Friendly. Creating email that opens on smartphones is imperative. 85% of people say that mobile devices are a central part of everyday life. – ExactTarget “2014 Mobile Behavior Report.” As soon as the user isn’t able to read the email, it is often ignored or deleted.

Number 11: Establish Trust. While this point seems obvious, it isn’t always top of mind or understood how best to establish trust and execute on it. In communicating with your audience the benefits of subscribing and defining expectations, they are able to understand and anticipate what to find in the next set of emails. We have found that indicating the frequency as well is very valuable in this first touch point. Gaining your audience’s trust will prove beneficial as you deploy second and third touch points.