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Publishers Need Data Too, One Digital Edition Actually Helps

Posted March 18, 2014 by & filed under Digital Magazines, Digital Strategy

Readers approach publications with different needs: some browse looking for a good read, others peruse the ads, and others read every issue from cover to cover.  Print publications provide little, if any, insight into how the reader engages with an issue.  The editorial and marketing staff are frequently blind to what is read or which ads are driving interest.

Publishers hoped digital editions would provide additional information about reader behavior.  Marketers wanted to know how ads were viewed. That way they could provide advertisers with the number of impressions their ads receive in order to justify the incremental fees.    Unfortunately, editors discovered little additional information from digital editions.  Most digital editions offer information about the furthermost page read, but not much more actionable intelligence to drive readership and interaction.

One of the benefits of Digital Editions by Mozaic is the detail data available for editors.  Because of the way Mozaic tracks reader behavior, an editor can see, almost immediately,  which articles are read, if readers flip to the back of the issue to read the last pages, and how long they spend with the content by article title, not just page number.  This level of detail helps the editor understand what is being read and if articles are too long or not well positioned.  It also allows editors to try different layout techniques to better understand if article continuity has an impact on reader behavior. Because of the amount of data collected and exposed, editors have a great deal to work with to focus content.

Of course, marketers can also use the data to better understand the impact of advertising.  In addition, Mozaic allows the inclusion of video content and virtual blow-in cards.  To learn more, take a look at Digital Editions by Mozaic.

Mozaic Brings Advertisers Metadata on Reader Behavior

Posted May 29, 2013 by & filed under Digital Magazines

Hallmark Data Systems’ new digital publishing product, Mozaic, converts printed magazines to interactive Web pages while offering publishers unprecedented amounts of reader information. Combined with Hallmark’s database, email, and lead generation, Mozaic digital magazines offers Hallmark customers a fully integrated system for audience development.