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How to Target Communication to Conference Attendees

Posted August 17, 2015 by & filed under B2B Media, Database, Integrated Forms

When you consider the core conference business model, there are many parallels that can be drawn to traditional publishing. Very simply, an editorial team develops an idea, ad sales finds sponsorship or advertising opportunities, and the audience development team builds an audience to consume that content and advertising. The basic direct marketing tactics that work for publishing should be put in place for conference marketing whether online or live —the same skill sets are engaged.

One of the great things about conference attendees is that they give you a tremendous amount of data about themselves. During the event registration process, you not only receive information about the attendees company and their job title or function, you receive valuable information about the type of conference they will attend. All of this information is brought into your database and connected to other information you have about that customer which can be used in market segmentation and targeted communications. Hallmark’s email solution has a powerful dynamic content platform that dissects the information and deploys those targeted messages.

Think about a dynamically generated email. If an IT professional attended a conference about data warehouses and has expressed interest in Microsoft SQL implementations, he or she should be promoted specifically for that. Pieces of content could be created expressly for those IT professionals who were Microsoft SQL, while another group might focus more on data warehouse hardware.

By using attendees’ activity to generate communications, you have an effective strategy making them much more likely to attend the event. To start captivating audiences now, click here. Learn how to use our consolidated database to identify audience members for a variety of touch points. Using existing audiences is much more economical and beneficial than buying lists in order to gain new members.