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Without the right expertise, eMarketing can be like throwing darts and hoping that something hits the target. Problem is, every dart costs time and money. Hallmark’s tools help email marketers identify relevant audiences, send targeted messaging and track the engagement. Thanks to our consolidated database, email marketers can identify audience members for a variety of touch points. Using existing audiences is much more economical than buying lists and trying to gain new members.

Our consolidated database allows marketing directors to get the most from event marketing. Information like the geographic density of a given audience can be utilized to determine whether the event format should be face-to-face or webinar. Our Webforms product is the best in its class at providing a target audience with a truly relatable experience. During the event, the latest in SMS and social media can be harnessed to engage the audience and track response.

Sales teams can mine our database to better understand qualified leads, sales results and the best options for potential advertisers. Our database is valuable in so many ways. Even controlling travel budgets is possible through audience geographic dispersion data.


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