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Hallmark Data Systems and ePublishing Integrate Cloud and Data Services

Posted March 10, 2014

CHICAGO, March 10, 2014 – Two industry innovators have announced platform-level integration engineered to enhance reader experience and shape the future of publishing

ePublishing, the leading Cloud-based Software as a Service (SaaS) provider of an Enterprise Publishing System integrating Content Management, Mobile, eCommerce and Audience Management solutions for media companies and Hallmark Data SystemsTM, a division of EBSCO, the leading Cloud-based SaaS audience data and marketing services provider to B-to-B publishers, have initiated a data-level integration to create the first true publishing ecosystem.

“We are mutually committed to our concept of Deep Data – the publisher’s actionable version of Big Data. This alliance opens significant new opportunities for publishers to monetize their audiences,” noted Thomas Chaffee, CEO of ePublishing. “More importantly, it further enhances the individual relationship they have with each reader. Publishers will be able to apply audience data to enhance reader experience, which will increase sales and improve their bottom line.”

The integration will bring together Hallmark’s detailed analytic and demographic information with ePublishing’s extensive behavioral and contextual data on those same users across a broad array of content – buyers’ guides, directories, ecommerce and events – and across platforms. The combined Deep Data sets create unprecedented audience engagement to drive revenue with advertising, targeted sponsorships, paid content and increased registrations.

“Hallmark addresses a publisher’s need for consolidated audience data and the tools required to understand and activate their audience through Illume’lTM marketing automation and flexible lead capture,” said Steve Crowe, General Manager, Hallmark Data Systems. “Publishers use the intuitive interface to dig into their data, look for new ways to engage their audience, and drive a deeper relationship. The unique nature of Illume is a consolidated, timely picture of their audience.”

“Individualization is action. Properly applying audience intelligence further drives contextual relevance across content, events, eCommerce, advertising and marketing ­– all the way down to the individual reader,” said Thomas Chaffee. “In an era of marketing automation, having these tools at your fingertips presents an unmatched competitive advantage and provides significant new revenue opportunities to ePublishing and Hallmark clients. This is a game-changer.”

“With one central ecosystem, publishers finally have the capability to fully understand their audience engagement, reach their audience through preferred mediums and add to their bottom line,” continued Crowe, “Illume, along with Hallmark’s world class data management, digital and email marketing, digital edition and fulfillment service in combination with ePublishing’s CMS/EPS platform drive deeper engagement with audiences.”

The ecosystem reflects the demand for integrated, proven, Cloud-based business solutions as the most cost-effective path to provide value to publishers and their customers and advertisers, while achieving speed to market to capitalize on emerging opportunities.

“Hallmark priorities align well with those of ePublishing. We work each day to connect audiences, publishers and marketers to increase revenue and efficiencies for our media owners. This alliance continues the tradition of bringing solutions that enable publishers to better service their audiences,” said Crowe. “We are excited to put our expertise in data management and audience intelligence alongside the digital behaviors ePublishing brings to the table.”

Chaffee added, “Together, our primary mission is to generate more Revenue Per Reader (RPR) for publishers. This strategic integration enhances each of our portfolios to create a truly disruptive 21st century set of tools.”

About ePublishing

ePublishing drives maximum profit for publishers and multi-platform media companies with tools and services that empower clients to create a wide range of business models; leverage new and diversified income streams; and automatically generate deep reader engagement with Contextual Content, Community and Commerce.

The company’s primary product, an Enterprise Publishing System (EPS), is a fully integrated, Cloud-based, Software as a Service backed by custom development, design and 24 x 7 support. Features include content management, community, eCommerce, social media, publishing workflow, SEO, video, advertising, blogs, eNewsletters, directories, buyers’ guides, data, audience management and CRM.

In the past two years the company has acquired Ellington CMS and B-to-B Audience Network.

About Hallmark Data Systems

Hallmark Data Systems is a leading provider of marketing services to media owners including digital marketing, web forms, digital editions and a consolidated database all built with the same care as their industry leading fulfillment service. Hallmark has been committed for more than 45 years to the success of their clients by supplying seamless services supporting their audiences whether they are subscribers to content delivered through the mail, attending an event or engaged through on-line content.

Hallmark Data Systems is a division of EBSCO Industries, a diversified company founded in 1944.

Hallmark Data Systems and Illume are registered trademarks of Hallmark Data Systems, LLC.



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CMO, ePublishing
(312) 768-6868

Jeff Deneen
Director, Marketing, Hallmark Data Systems
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