Mobilegeddon? No. Mobile Optimization? Yes.


Mobilegeddon? No. Mobile Optimization? Yes.

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Mobile Friendly

Search engine optimization has been a key strategy of publishers, content providers and even blogs to attract traffic and drive conversions for many years.  More recently mobile optimization has become a regular topic of discussion.  Changes to Google’s search algorithm are on their way.  Google has announced that the algorithm will be updated on April 21st.  Exactly what those changes are and how broad they will be has not been publicly stated, but they will favor those who have considered mobile optimization.

The gist of the change is that Google will expand its use of mobile-friendliness as a ranking signal, thus resulting in more mobile-friendly websites returning in search results.  Some have called this “Mobilegeddon”, but the more you read on the subject, it sounds like that might just be a bit of an over-reaction.  For your reference, here’s a good article on the subject:  The fact remains, until the change occurs, or more detail is provided publicly about the change, publishers won’t know the extent of its impact.  However, the article clearly states that by some estimates, more than 60% of searches occur on a mobile device.

The Hallmark team’s take-away from “Mobilegeddon” is simply that mobile-friendly web-sites are no longer a nice-to-have, but rather a must-have for distribution and visibility of a publisher’s market-leading editorial.

Hallmark recognized this long ago and for publishers, we highly suggest you check your mobile web-sites and prepare them for this impending change.  Whether the April 21st updates impact to your search engine minimally or significantly, it’s time to start preparing today.

Each and every day, our publishers fight to keep their audiences databases healthy and their subscribers engaged.  Why risk losing even one subscriber because your subscription form is not optimized to work on a tablet or mobile device (and we all know it’s far more than just one subscriber you risk losing)?

There is a great tool to check your web-sites to see if they meet Google’s Mobile-Friendly requirements:  We’d suggest testing all your web-sites and subscription forms as time allows.

We’ve run a test on a few of Hallmark’s forms…and a few others.  If one of the sites below is yours, or your site doesn’t look like the one the left, you should call Hallmark :).

Hallmark Dragon Form vs Not Mobile Friendly vs Not Mobile Friendly

To keep an eye out for more announcements, here is a list of a few helpful resources:




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