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Our Complete Solutions.
Quick Answers About
Our Complete Solutions.
Quick Answers About
Our Complete Solutions.


Question: Does a publisher need to purchase the entire suite of Hallmark services to use any one of them?

Answer: Hallmark created the service suite to work together best. However, we know that publishers may have processes in place that they are comfortable with. Hallmark will work with clients to implement any or the entire Hallmark service suite based on their current situation.

Question: Does a publisher have to manually request records from the database each time they need them?

Answer: Hallmark’s consolidated database has simple web based query tools that allow users to filter and export subscriber information. The queries can be saved and scheduled to be run based on publisher requirements. For example, if a publisher would like to automate subscriber qualification activity, the audience manager can define qualification criteria and schedule the process of record selection as required by the publication cycle.

Question: Does your digital editions service require changes to my current print production processes?

Answer: During our discovery process, we will review publisher’s current production processes and identify any changes needed. To date, we have not required any changes to current processes.

Question: Our audience members have complained that our web forms require them to re-enter information we already have on file for them. How does Hallmark help me have a better experience for them?

Answer: Hallmark has a great, dynamic web form service that, based on your implementation, will contain all the information about your subscriber. Once the subscriber enters a defined set of criteria, the form will populate any additional information about the audience member currently in the file and only require that additional information be added. In addition, based on criteria you establish, you can present additional products that may interest the audience member and thereby increase your revenue opportunities.

Question: Can you work with my subscription agent to take in subscriber files?

Answer: During Hallmark’s more than 40 years in audience management, we have worked with many if not all subscription agents. We will work with you to receive files from your agent.

Question: We currently have several databases with information about our subscribers and would like to discover if we have any overlap in our subscriber base.

Answer: Hallmark’s consolidated database can ingest data from multiple sources and enable a publisher through a simple interface to review the files and find subscribers that are engaged with multiple properties.

Question: How can I get a demo of Hallmark’s capabilities?

Answer: Send an email to getstarted@halldata.com or call 847-983-2000. We will be happy to set up a time for a discussion.


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