Interacting With Your Data

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Hallmark Data Systems is dedicated to empowering audience marketing professionals. We provide our clients with best in class tools which facilitate the success in accomplishing their business and marketing goals. Having captured large data sets of information, today’s media professionals require these tools in order to access and analyze their data. The Hallmark Dashboard contains specific tools to assist professionals as they interact with their data.

1. Web Query Product Audience development and marketing professionals need a tool to … Read More


Hallmark & PennWell’s Subscriber Page Featured by HubSpot!

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We are buzzing at Hallmark about the news of WaterWorld’s web subscription page being featured in HubSpot! After browsing through hundreds of different publisher websites, WaterWorld’s site was selected by HubSpot and recognized in their latest article on the B2B publishing industry,  “10 Awesome B2B Publishers’ Subscriber Pages” . Described as “savvy” and “cool”, WaterWorld is one of the estimated 230 custom created Hallmark subscription pages for PennWell publications. The author makes mention of the clean design and promotes the page as “easy on the eyes” … Read More