Audience Director


Today there are more ways than ever to reach an audience. In addition to print, there is the huge potential online represents, the timely relevance of event related marketing and the frequent opportunities eNewsletters provide. When it comes to connecting with an audience, the possibilities are seemingly endless. For audience managers whose success depends on selecting, evaluating and delivering the right lists, all these opportunities can be overwhelming.

Hallmark offers several services designed to make audience managers’ lives easier and their work more effective. Tapping into our consolidated database is simple. Pull-down menus allow saving searches and exporting to third parties for any audience segments. Our Webforms product presents audience managers with all the products that fit their inputs.

Through our partnership with ExactTarget, Hallmark makes scheduling email renewals simple. And regardless of the number of segments involved, our Webforms ensure cost-effective audience management. Our support makes implementation painless, and we’re always there for you throughout the relationship.


5 Integrated Services


Form creation as easy as dragging and dropping content. Choose from a gallery of themes or customize to match your brand. Learn More

Unparalleled delivery and marketing automation capabilities are available through our exclusive partnership with ExactTarget. Learn More


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