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Audiences are important, but…

Posted January 29, 2014 by & filed under Database, Digital Strategy

As media owners continue to drive into new products and offers to their audience, it is more important than ever to understand if you have fans, subscribers, or followers; how many of each you have; and how to make the most of your audience. Intuitively it is more economical to get your current audience more engaged than it is to start with a new list. In a recent interview , Jeff Rohrs talks about these segments as he explained in his … Read More


Is eMail marketing better than Social Media Marketing?

Posted January 21, 2014 by & filed under Email Marketing, Integrated Forms

The battle for your dollars and your messages never seems to end.  The contention between eMail and Social Media dollar spend is at the forefront of a marketer’s budgeting process.  Saying YES to one means saying NO to the other.  A McKinsey & Co. study reveals email is more effective than social media for customer acquisition.  Make sure the prospect experience is optimized for the modality (usually mobile) and relevant messages are included on landing pages.  Read the entire article here.


Demand Generation for B2B

Posted January 15, 2014 by & filed under Database, Digital Strategy

Personalization and custom emails are great demand generation techniques to reach potential buyers, but in a B2B world purchase decisions are made by groups.  Patrick makes a great point about how marketers need to address group buying in B2B environments.  In the business buying process, the dynamics of group buying drives a different type of pre-sales engagement.  Demand generation for B2B is different than B2C.  Take a read and see if you agree.