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Big Data for B2B Publishers

Posted August 27, 2013 by & filed under Database

Big Data is in the spotlight lately as everyone is talking about how to leverage all the information that publishers collect.  Nick Cavnar, an audience consultant, talked with Folio about advantages and challenges big data presents to B2B publishers. Nick is a featured panelist at  FOLIO:’s MediaNext event  this year in New York.

Here are our key takeaways from this conversation –

Make effective use of the data you have for better leads or content delivery Identify web traffic – what is your audience doing once they get to your site?

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Developing Your Digital Marketing Strategy? Ask Yourself These 3 Questions.

Posted August 23, 2013 by & filed under Digital Strategy, Email Marketing

When sitting down with clients to go over their digital marketing strategy, there’s a moment where it all becomes overwhelming.  A short list of things marketers could be doing is still long: automation, dynamic content, SMS activity, social media marketing, live offers, web recommendations, and so on.

With all these options, the biggest question is “where do I start with my digital marketing strategy?” Going through the following three questions may help determine where you can put your next efforts.

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