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Where Have You Gone Joe DiMaggio

Posted June 24, 2013 by & filed under Integrated Forms

The Yankee Clipper was always easy to find during his playing days, and even afterwards.  Whether on the field or off, a hitting streak or in commercials, DiMaggio regularly seemed to make headlines.  In 2012, the player who some argue was the greatest hitter ever, was posthumously honored with a USPS stamp with his image.  However, as a media owner, not all of our subscribers are as easily recognizable as Joltin’ Joe.

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Treat Others

Posted June 23, 2013 by & filed under Fulfillment

Yes, yes, we’ve all heard it before. In fact, I talked about it with my 5 year old son this morning on my way out of the house. This adage is not only a Golden Rule to live by, but also is critical in today’s digital world for the success of media owners. Your customer list is your crown jewel. You work each day to grow and protect that list: Do everything you can to keep that list healthy, growing … Read More


Smart Forms

Posted June 7, 2013 by & filed under Integrated Forms

Hallmark Data Systems’ smart forms allow publishers to cross-sell and up-sell related products and services – much in the way that uses “recommendations” to generate new leads and sales opportunities. When used in conjunction with Hallmark’s customer databases, the forms will query the database as the user completes a form to determine if other relevant offers match the person’s profile or demographics. These powerful forms will help reduce acquisition costs and create new opportunities.